The Benefits of Commercial Pavement Line-Painting in Toronto

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Commercial pavement line-painting in Toronto offers many benefits for your business, creating a professional first impression for clients and creating a safer lot.


The Benefits of Commercial Pavement Line-Painting in Toronto

Have you ever tried to navigate a parking lot and become frustrated because you couldn't see the lines on where to park? You're not alone. Adding lines to an unmarked parking lot instantly creates an organized, professional-feeling space. It makes the parking area safer for both drivers and pedestrians since the aisles and spaces are clearly designated. It also saves your clients and staff the stress of trying to figure out how to navigate your lot.

Rather than embarrassing a client by asking them to move their car over the loud speaker, having clear lines makes it easier for them to park in the right area in the first place. Any kind of shipping and loading docks, fire routes, and other areas should be clearly marked so vehicles don’t accidentally block areas that need to remain clear for efficient and safe operation.

Adding lines also lets a business designate spaces—handicap, visitor, reserved, unit parking spots—so people know where they need to go. It will streamline the parking process.

Choosing a Commercial Pavement Line-Painting Service in Toronto

It can be tempting to paint the lines yourself to save a few dollars but there can be a hidden cost later.

A customized layout can offer the best utilization of the space available, possibly adding more spots than anticipated. An experienced company will know how to help you make the most of your space, which is especially important in a large city like Toronto where space is at a premium.

Since parking regulations vary from city to city, any commercial pavement line-painting service in Toronto should know Toronto’s Parking Space Regulations. Since accessible parking spaces have their own set of regulations, all commercial parking lot pavement lines must be painted to comply with the requirements.

Ensure that the line-marking service has the proper equipment to create straight lines of equal length. Skimping on a professional service may leave a lot with uneven lines. If lines need to be removed, avoid commercial pavement line-painting companies that just paint over existing lines with black or grey paint that will just wear away over time. A professional should have the equipment to permanently remove any paint from pavement and concrete.

Since paint manufacturers offer a warranty on their paint, you should be able to receive a warranty from the company doing the work. A professional will also offer warranty on the work done, not just the paint.

Getting Ready for Line Painting in Toronto

Lines need to be painted on clean pavement so it’s important to have the area power swept. Outdoor lots need to be painted within days of a power sweep. If the lot is underground or inside, the lines and any stencils need to be painted within a week of a power sweep and power wash.

To save time on the day of painting, ensure that all objects are removed from the lot, including vehicles, skids, trailers, sheds. Any time taken to remove an object after painting has started will take time, and extra time means more money.

During the humid summer months, paint can take up to 24 hours to dry. Clearly post alternative parking arrangements for your customers and employees so they know where to park during this time.

Commercial Pavement Line-Painting can help your Toronto business increase its first impression while advancing client and employee safety. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Sure-Seal Pavement continues to provide the professional appearance clients look for, while following up-to-date safety regulations for parking lots in the work they do according to city bylaws. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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